The Vandals 

Director: Daria Khrenova

Language: Russian


Chronicles of modern Russian actionism represented by one of the most radical artists of recent years – Peter Pavlensky.

On 9 November 2016 Pavlensky set on fire the front door of the main building of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federa-tion (FSB) in Moscow. Right after that the criminal proceedings was initiated against him under the article "Vandalism". This case provoked a heated discussion in art critics circles.  Meanwhile most of the common people just thought the artist was insane. But the authorities and church had a strong opinion that the art should adhere to moral principles and to praise the morality, thus they equated the actionism to hooliganism and to the insult of feelings of all The Russian Orthodox Church faithful.

In the film "Vandal" the authors will try to answer the question – what the artist has to do when his capacity of doing or creating something is so limited and when any his performance in a public place is considered by the majority of people as a public-order crime?

The film is based on the materials that director has got due to her exclusive access to Pavlensky family since 2014, as well as on chronicles and discussions on Russian actionism.

Russia | Politics, Art & Culture | 63 min. | 2017

T R A I L E R   S O O N