Stepan Erzia. The Return Of The Genius 

Director: Andrey Novoselov

Language: Russian


A film-poem about one of the most famous Russian sculptors - Stepan Erzia.

Named by his contemporaries as Russian Roden, Stepan Erzia has made a significant contribution to the world art culture. A graduate of the Russian school of sculpture, Stepan Erzia has lived and worked both in Russia and other countries: in Italy (1907-1914), France (1909-1913), Azerbaijan (1921-1923), Argentine (1927-1950). While in Argentina, Erzia invented a method of processing some locally grown, extra-hard types of wood: algarrobo and quebracho. Erzia’s name has already become the flag ship of culture for a small Finno-Ugric nation - Mordva (Russian federation).

Russia | Documentary | 57 min | 2016