Perm-36. Reflexion

Producers: Sergei Kachkin, Konstantin Nafikov
Production company: april filmlab, Reflexion Films

Director: Sergei Kachkin

Language: Russian

Current status: completed


Three former political prisoners - S. Kovalev, M. Meylakh and V. Pestov - tell the story of their imprisonment in the “Perm-36” prison camp. Years later they return to the camp (now a museum) to participate in the “Pilorama” Forum, a campsite, mirror-like, reflects the condition of Russian society haunted by phantom pains after the fall of the Soviet Union. The red-brown activists zealously rail against the existence of the museum and the forum. In time they manage to attract the attention of society and of the government. As a result dark clouds gather over the museum…

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Russia | Human rights, personal view, history | 100 min | 2015