Production company: League of Experimental Films, Cosmosfilm, CINE FANTOM, Reflexion Films

Director: Daniil Zinchenko

Language: Russian

Current status: Completed

Prizes & Festivals: 66 International Berlin Film Festival, «Forum» program.


The first feature-length film Elixir from the artist and director Daniil Zinchenko is a modern fairy tale with scientists, partisans, cosmonauts, officials, and Motherland. The scientist with his assistant are collecting the ingredients for an elixir. Their goal is to resurrect the dead people. At the same time, officials are looking for the carpenter who has a power to transmute water into oil.


"Probably especial this low-budget film Elixir that is mixed from quasi-folk mythology, cheap metaphysics of science fiction, historical and political allusions, cinematic cliches, absurd logic, psychological complexes and burlesque poetry describes the current state of minds of Russians fully and accurately than the glossy smash-hits which simulate “a real movie”.


Naum Kleiman film historian, Russian film critic, specialist in Sergei Eisenstein, former manager of the Moscow State Central Cinema Museum, Eisenstein-Centre director.


See more on www.elixirmovie.org


Russia | Drama | 80 min | 2015